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Where people connect to create tomorrow.

The Pacific Hub is inspired by ideas, methods and technologies from across sectors to co-create solutions to closing civic space and restrictions to our basic freedoms. As a network that is working inclusively to build the innovative capacity of Pacific CSOs to overcome challenges and to mobilise resources and next-generation youth leaders to sustain the CSO movement.

Furthermore, the Pacific region, described as the Ocean States, is home to diverse cultures and traditions. This diversity gives the Pacific region its own unique identity, and because of its geographic location, it has its own set of challenges and needs. One of the main challenges this region faces is the lack of inclusion and visibility, mainly due to it being identified as part of the Asia-Pacific region in international development conversations. Due to smaller populations, data gets clumped with larger Asian nations rendering it inconclusive of showing the true challenges faced by the region.

In response to the need to be seen and related to as a separate stand-alone region with its own challenges and opportunities, today we have a Pacific innovation hub that would work specifically with Pacific Island civil society organisations (CSOs).

Challenged by distance, poor connectivity, climate change and limited and expensive access to technological advancements and funding, the Pacific also faces the added challenge of simply convening! This has greatly restricted opportunities to partner and collaborates on common solutions to create a resilient and adaptive environment for CSO. The Pacific has a unique model of grassroots engagement that is steeped in its history of communal life, cultural and traditional practices and religion. At the same time, these phenomenons can become a dimension of development that may need to be navigated through or worked hand in hand with. The Pacific could also become a learning ground on how to utilise what is at an organisation’s disposal to maximise impact allowing the Hub to engage in a give and take exchange of knowledge.


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