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We are a network- working to create a culture of experimentation in civil society to design, test and prototype new ideas to address the sector’s most pressing challenges and innovate opportunities to sustain the CSO movement.

Innovation for Change: where people connect to create tomorrow

Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network of people and organisations who connect, partner, and learn together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions to our fundamental freedoms of assembly, association, and expression. We are a community-led network inspired by ideas, methods, and technologies from across different sectors. We work together on advocacy, research, network building, training, fundraising, digital literacy, and technology development.

Guiding the development of alternative funding models

The idea for Innovation for Change began in 2015 as a response to worsening trends affecting civic space and civil society in the Global South. Today, it is a global network of thousands of individuals and organisations working together regionally and across the world to find new solutions to civic space restrictions.

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