Create Alert

Create Alert

  • Alert Types:

    • Urgent Action
      • Urgent Action requires an immediate response. It takes the shape of a singular action that has a direct impact on an individual, organization or community. Examples include an arrest or any sort of violent actions.
    • Informative Action
      • Informative Action is a developing situation impacting civic space or a community. Examples include the passage of a law targeting a certain group of people or laws that impact the enabling environment in a country.
  • Please provide details on any activities within the area of the alert, including ways people in the country can get involved. Examples include areas of support for the individual/organization or their family, details or contacts for letter writing campaigns, emails, etc., as well as additional contact information for the relevant lawyer, organizations or others working on behalf of those impacted by the alert.
  • Please list any global campaigns that individuals outside of the area of the alert can participate in or global points of contact.
    • Requires community action, support or response.
    • There is a greater need than can be met by a campaign or post.
    • There is an immediate need for the community to be aware of the situation.